Tree planting, woodland creation & design

Creating areas of new woodland can be very rewarding, but long term success relies on choosing the right species, planning where and when to plant and knowing how to plant and care for your new trees.

The planning and planting of woodland and securing successful establishment of trees through ongoing aftercare is one of our specialities.

Woodland Establishment Planning and Design

We can assist clients in the selection, layout and planting of suitable species for timber and wildlife interests. We take into account soil types, routes for management operations and extraction, building in resilience to and mitigation from climate change.

We maintain an up-to-date knowledge of potential threats to trees, hedges and woodlands such as pests and diseases.  

In addition, we can provide essential guidance on available grants and possible planning requirements for larger areas of woodland creation.

If you are considering managing an existing area of woodland we also offer Woodland Management Planning and Advice.

New Woodland Planting near Petrockstowe, Devon

Other services

  • Mobile saw milling
    Add value to your timber by hiring our competitively priced mobile saw milling services - turning harvested roundwood into higher value sawn timber. Sell to local markets or use in your own projects.
  • Timber stacked to dry in kiln Kiln drying
    We offer a kiln drying service for both soft and hard woods – let us quote for the milling and kiln drying of your timber.
  • Visual stress grading & CE mark for structural timber
    We are fully certified by BMTRADA to assess, grade and CE mark your hardwood and softwood timbers to current British and European standards for structural use.
  • Woodland management planning & advice
    We provide planning, advice and management services for woodland owners helping to secure a sustainable income from woodland whilst maintaining and enhancing a sustainable habitat for wildlife and amenity opportunities.
  • Volunteers Pulling Conifers Volunteer group management
    Volunteers are the life-blood of environmental conservation work. People from all walks of life who are prepared to put their time and energy into making the world a better, greener place.
  • Woodland crafts and training
    White Wood Management is proud to offer a range of beautiful woodland crafts as part of its portfolio. Training sessions that share these timeless and rewarding skills are also available to book. And it's never too early, or late, to start!